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ShowRoom Shine - Supercar Suds

ShowRoom Shine - Supercar Suds

ShowRoom Shine - Supercar Suds

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Clean Car's Own Supercar Suds has been developed to provide a gentle yet thorough cleans of your car's exterior.


It has been developed so that it can be utilised as a mid-foam Snow to delicately pre-soak tough contaminants and lift them from your paint, or be used as part of a two - bucket cleaning method to provide secondary/main stage wash down.

The less contact with your paint that you have, the lower your chances of creating inclusions, scratches and other blemishes in your paintwork.

Simply use in a diluted 2:10 ratio with water in conjunction with a foam lance for initial coverage for a wax/sealant friendly quick cleanse - or use in a 1:5 ratio in a bucket of water for a washdown solution. Utilise two buckets, one with fresh water and a grit guard for maximum protection and contaminant risk reduction.


Tags: washing


Got mine two weeks ago and really happy with this stuff, I had a pro install it (my brother) but the result is well worth the time and effort. Love it.

April Gardiner

A little tricky to apply as I had a few steaky spots but I polished those down again it was perfect. The shine is so good after, the car looks better than it...

Graham Owen

Great stuff, really made my slk series gleam! 

Andy Richards

such a good peace of mind amd car is v easy to hose off now

John Allen
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