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Grit Guard

Grit Guard

Grit Guard

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Why a Grit Guard?

The Grit guard sits at the bottom of your bucket. Use with the two bucket method to trap stones, dirt and general grit at the bottom of your bucket instead of letting them float and swirl around each time the water is disturbed.

This means when you dip that washmitt (hopefully you’re not scratching your paint with a sponge!) that the grit doesn’t find its way back onto your wash medium and therefore doesnt get spread back over your paintwork.

This Combo guard combines a washboard type construction which is built into the traditional guard. They work together to seperate all debris from your mitt. Being angled, there are no flat surfaces to collect and gather grit.

Rub in a downwards action as you dip your mitt, and  in combination with a two bucket method and a soft mitt, you eliminate the chance of swirls, scratches and other damage to your car’s paintwork.

Why should you ALWAYS use TWO buckets and a Wash Mitt?

The two bucket method is a detailer's secret weapon for a safe clean. But what is it?

The idea is to have one bucket filled with clean water and a grit guard and another with your shampoo and water mix.

Immerse your mitt into the soapy water and wash your car starting at the top and working down, doing your wheels last.

Work a panel at a time and in between, rinse the dirty mitt in your bucket equipped with the grit guard. Does it work? Well. Look at the photo below which shows the sediment kept at the bottom of the bucket thanks to the Grit Guard.

This reduces the scratches caused to your paintwork, leaving it clean and ready to perfect.


Got mine two weeks ago and really happy with this stuff, I had a pro install it (my brother) but the result is well worth the time and effort. Love it.

April Gardiner

A little tricky to apply as I had a few steaky spots but I polished those down again it was perfect. The shine is so good after, the car looks better than it...

Graham Owen

Great stuff, really made my slk series gleam! 

Andy Richards

such a good peace of mind amd car is v easy to hose off now

John Allen
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