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Destiny is a spray ceramic coating and quick detailer , designed to give the most impressive results with the least amount of time possibe.

Taking only minutes to apply to your car, Showroom saves you time and money, giving you a constant deep shine. It also conceals imperfections in your paint, whilst the ceramic formulation protects your paint from UV and chemical attack.

A single application lasts up to 12 months!

Spray on, Wipe off

Showroom is our Flagship Aftercare Product.

Showroom uses proprietary SiO2 ceramic technology to instantly protect your paint.

A chemical process then takes place which leaves a super-slick sealant on your paint. UV, acids and grime are locked out leaving a hydrophobic finish. Showroom also conceals light swirls and scractches further enhancing the shine.

Suitable for all external paintwork!

The superior formula conceals imperfections in your paint, reducing the period in between polishing and extending your paint' life.

Long Lasting Protection

Conceals Imperfections

The spray coating lasts for 12 months, repelling water, bugs and road grime - safing you time and money on washing your car.

Easy Application, Pro Results

  • Super hydrophobic results
  • Deep, slick shine in an instant
  • Lasts up to 12 Months and beyond!

  • Instant Showroom Shine
  • Use to top-up an existing ceramic coating or as a stand alone spray protection

1 - Wash your Car (not necesary but highly reccomended)

Showroom can be used as a waterless wash to quick-detail a failry clean car but we'd always reccomend first washing and drying your car.

2 - Spray evenly on to a cool, dry body, one panel at a time

Lightly coat a panel at a time, evenly applying 5-6 squirts for an average sized panel.

3 - Immediately buff with a clean microfiber towel until a slick, glossy finish is left

Buff in random, circular motions until any haziness dissapears and the finish is as desired

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