AE Snow Foam Lance - Multiple Pressure Washers

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AE Snow Foam Lance - Multiple Pressure Washers

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AE Snow Foam Lance – multiple pressure washers


The AE Snow Foam Lance transforms your washing experience.

Attaching directly to your pressure washer’s gun, it is used to pre-wash your vehicle. Snow Foam is aerated and mixed with water. The high pressure water flows through and a thick foam results, clinging to your pride and joy. Dirt is softened and lifted from the paint. This reduces the chance of marring the paint.

The lance is available for KArcher pressure washers at present. The dilution valve varies the intensity of the foam.


Add 100ml of a Snow Foam Concentrate in the litre bottle on the Lance. Connect to your pressure washer and the solution will be diluted with water. Spray the foam liberally to the vehicle’s exterior and allow to soak in for 5 minutes.

Rinse off on a high pressure, top to bottom working horizontally up the car. You can then wash the vehicle using the two-bucket method and apply a final rinse.

Rinse out the bottle and nozzle with warm water after use to keep the unit clean and sediment free.

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