ShowRoom Shine - Supercar Suds

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ShowRoom Shine - Supercar Suds

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Clean Car's Own Supercar Suds has been developed to provide a gentle yet thorough cleans of your car's exterior.


It has been developed so that it can be utilised as a mid-foam Snow to delicately pre-soak tough contaminants and lift them from your paint, or be used as part of a two - bucket cleaning method to provide secondary/main stage wash down.

The less contact with your paint that you have, the lower your chances of creating inclusions, scratches and other blemishes in your paintwork.

Simply use in a diluted 2:10 ratio with water in conjunction with a foam lance for initial coverage for a wax/sealant friendly quick cleanse - or use in a 1:5 ratio in a bucket of water for a washdown solution. Utilise two buckets, one with fresh water and a grit guard for maximum protection and contaminant risk reduction.


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